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Our JaniCare story.

For the past 25 years, we have been associated with a major janitorial maintenance franchisee becoming one of the top producers per capita in the United States. We had received many awards and recognitions during our contractual agreement. Since our contract limited us to only work in the Goleta area, we are now happy and able to serve southern Santa Barbara County.

We have always offered a variety of services from the general janitorial maintenance contracts to One time cleanup jobs; Specialized Certified Technical Cleanroom cleaning; Marble/Stone floor maintenance; Concrete, Vinyl/Marmoleum/Anti-static Electronic/ and Carpeted Floors; Complete Restroom sanitizing; Top to Bottom Post Construction cleaning ….you name it and we can provide the help you need extending the life of your investments and making your environment clean and free of most allergens.

History of our name.

Philip and Sandy Badone started the business in 1991 as a franchise and expanded its operation to become the highest producing franchise per capita in the US. We were helped along the way with our family members taking greater rolls in the management of the business. In 2006 Philip was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. After surviving 3 major surgeries and multiple drug trials ending in countless rounds of chemo and radiation therapies, he became a witness to many other patients and doctors trying to find ways to beat this terrible disease and find comfort along the way. We know that each case is so drastically different but during the battle, and until the end there was much we found we could do to achieve some mode of small successes that give way to hope and faith. Among them was to create a “fun and light” environment in the chemo rooms!

During his last 2 years Philip became fixated on creating a business that would help our local community by contributing monetarily along with donating time and materials to support local cancer research and projects. He envisioned Cleaning for the Cure. Unfortunately he did not survive to see his dream come to fruition. As a tribute to him, we have worked toward making his dream a reality. We have recently changed our name to JaniCare with the byline of Cleaning for the Cure. The purpose of this change is to allow us as a community member to reach out and support those in our local community in a small way by giving back a percentage of our net profits to local research and care providers for cancer patients and other debilitating illnesses. We believe that in doing so we remember what is important in life goes way beyond “business”!

Why choose us?

In choosing JaniCare, you and your company will support our local community while receiving our utmost attention in providing you with a janitorial service you will not want to lose! We value our reputation and stand by our service issuing a Task Schedule detailing every area with tasks and service days after meeting with our clients. From this Task Schedule we give our customers a proposal of cost to provide such services. We will not take shortcuts! We know of many instances some of our clients have experienced in which they notice the tasks are not being taken care of as agreed upon. We give you value for your money. We are available 24/7. We are local which means we can meet up with you within minutes. We are notified by our cleaning crew and or supervisors when anything appears awry and can contact you if needed. We are your ears and eyes at night in your facility. Our janitors are trained to keep your buildings secured. We continue to keep our staff educated and trained when introducing new equipment, cleaning techniques, or processes.

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