Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

JaniCare shares your commitment to your staff and the environment!


JaniCare shares your commitment to your staff and the environment!


Offering cleaning technology without using pre­packaged, ready-­to­-use cleaning chemicals or chemical concentrates. We have access to any Certified Green product or cleaning agent on the market today.

There are many levels and understandings of “Green” cleaning. JaniCare can work with you to make sure your green intentions meet your cleaning goals. With our 25-year history in the janitorial field and our expertise at getting the right product to fit your needs, you can be certain that JaniCare will have the answer for you.

Additionally, our vacuum cleaners feature HEPA filtration to trap spores and organisms to help with infection control. For tiled floors, our deep scrubbing machines use less water and a smaller quantity of chemicals; safer for staff.

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  • Chemical­-Free Cleaning

    Certified green cleaning products specified to meet your requirements. Microfiber cleaning cloths will remove dust and debris instead of spreading it around.

  • Color Coding with Microfiber

    Our microfiber cleaning cloths are color coded for specific tasks in the different areas of your buildings. This eliminates cross contamination in your restroom, vs. office, vs breakrooms.

  • Cleaning with Engineered Water

    We can use filtered water systems removing standard water particulates leaving a cleaner surface.

  • HEPA vacuums

    Using Hepa vacuums reduces the amount of air borne dust and debris particles leading to a healthier working environment.

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